CoCoNet was tested on both MacOS and Ubuntu 18.04. To install and run CoCoNet, you will need:

  1. python (>=3.5)
  2. pip3, the python package manager or the conda installer.

Install with bioconda

CoCoNet is available in bioconda. You will need miniconda or anaconda installed on your computer. CoCoNet can be installed using the following command:

conda install -c bioconda coconet-binning

Install with the latest version with pip

You can also install CoCoNet, from the Python Package Index where the latest release are available. To install it, you simply need to run the following command (you can omit –user if you’re working in a vitualenv):

pip3 install coconet-binning --user

Install the development version with pip

You can also install the most up to date version with the following command:

git clone
cd CoCoNet
pip install .

If you encounter any issue with the development version, you should try with the latest release as the development version might not have been thoroughly checked.